2013           New Brunswick Art Salon Exhibition, November 1 - 29
                         Alfa Art Gallery
                         108 Church St., New Brunswick, NJ 08901

     2013            Sky Gazing Art Exhibit, February 25 - May 2
                         Marie Matthews Gallery
                         One Preservation Place, Princeton, NJ 08540

     2012            Crossing Cultures Exhibition, May 14 - July 27
                         Marie Matthews Gallery
                         One Preservation Place, Princeton, NJ 08540

Fall: Landscapes/Auvergne

                         Atkins Fine Art, Poterie du Don 
Montsalvy, France

     2004           Fall Exhibition – Landscapes.  Atkins Fine Art Gallery
                         Poterie Du Don, 15120 Montsalvy, France
                         Tel: 33-471-49-95-65, Fax: 33-471-49-25-76.

     2003           Spring Review: Landscapes.  Atkins Fine Art Gallery
                         Poterie Du Don, Montsalvy, France.
     2000           Landscapes - One Person Show.  December 1 - 31.
                         Gallery 100 / Arts Council of Southeast Missouri
                         119 Independence Street, Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63702.
     2000           Grand Opening Exhibition.  December.  Anthony Kelley Gallery
                         310 Ruskin Place, Seaside, Florida 32459.
     2000           Four Artists / Group Exhibition.  March - April.  Soho Gallery
                         29 Palafox Place South, Pensacola, Florida 32501
     2000           One person exhibition: Landscapes.  January - February.
                         Tudor Gallery, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania 18411.
     1999           Landscapes Group Show.  Aug. 29 - Sep. 29.
                        Kirkland Art Center, East Park Row, P.O. Box 213, 
                        Clinton, New York 13323.
     1998           12th Annual Women in the Visual Arts, l998 International 
                        Competition.  April 3 - 24.  Erector Square Gallery
                         315 Peck St., New Haven, Connecticut 06513.
     1997-98     7th Annual Holiday Exhibit at Laura Craig Galleries.
                        December 19 through February. 307 Linden Street
                        Scranton, Pennsylvania 18503.
     1996           Group Exhibition at Lincoln Center / Intimate Gallery.
                        January 10 to February 14.  Lincoln Center, 417 West Magnolia,
                        Fort Collins, Colorado 80521.
     1995           Eighth Annual Festival of Paintings by Women.  June-August.
                        Organized by the town of Giroussens, France.
     1994           Recent Landscapes: Fall 1994.  Atkins Fine Arts Gallery
                        Poterie Du Don, 15120 Montsalvy, France.
                        Tel: 33-471-49-95-65, Fax: 33-471-49-25-76.
     1993           Spring Review: A selection of landscapes from the Cantal Region 
                        of France.  Atkins Fine Art, Poterie du Don
                         15120 Montsalvy, France.
     1990           Images of Sand and Waves.  Hollywood Art and Culture Center
                         Group Show, July 1990 - Sept. 1990. In conjunction with 
                         Joy Moos Gallery Inc. 355 North East 59th Terrace,
                         Miami, Florida 33137.
     1988           International Women's Day Exhibition, Group Show. 
                        Frame Centre Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.
     1988           Brickell Project, Group Show.  Organized by 
                        Joy Moos Gallery Inc, 355 North East 59th Terrace,
                        Miami, Florida 33137.
     1987           Women's Exhibition, Group Show.  Organized by Frame Centre 
                        Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.
     1987           One Woman Exhibition.  Organized by Gallery Makonde,
                        Wyndham Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.
     1979-86      (8 consecutive years) Annual Juried Exhibition Group Show.
                         Organized by National Gallery of Art of Jamaica Kingston, 
                         Jamaica, West Indies.  Curated by David Boxer.
                         A selection of works by artists of Jamaica.
     1986           Five Artists, Group Show.  Organized by Gallery Makonde,
                         Wyndham Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.
     1985            Women's Exhibition, Group Show.  Organized by Mutual Life 
                         Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.
     1984            Two Women Exhibition.  An exhibit with prominent Jamaican
                         Woman Sculptor, Rachel Fearing.  Organized by Mutual Life
                         Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.
     1984            Women's Exhibition, Group Show.  Organized by Mutual Life
                         Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.
     1979-83      (5 consecutive years) Festival of the  Arts.  Funded by Jamaica
                         Cultural Attaché.  Organized by Upstairs/Downstairs Gallery,
                         108 Harbour St., Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. 
                         Exhibition feature established and emerging artists of 
                         outstanding talent.  Winner of Bronze Medal, 1981.
     1982            Celebration: An Exhibition of Art by 20 Women Artists.  
                         Organized by Upstairs/Downstairs Gallery, 108 Harbour St.,
                         Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. 
     1980           Ways of Seeing Contemporary Art.  Organized by Rosalie 
                         Smith McCrea, Assistant Curator of National Gallery of 
                         Jamaica.  Held at Creative Arts Centre, University of West
                         Indies, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.  A selection of works 
                         by emerging artists of Jamaica.
     1979            Women's Exhibition, Group show.  Organized by Mutual Life
                         Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.
     1978            Two Women Exhibit.  An exhibition with Rachel Fearing, 
                         emerging sculptor of outstanding talent.  Organized by John 
                         Peartree Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.
     1977            Thesis Exhibition:  Landscapes and Figures. One Woman 
                         Exhibition.  Organized by John Peartree Gallery, Kingston,
                         Jamaica, West Indies.
     1976            Graduate Exhibition. California State University, Long Beach, CA.
                         Group show of works by graduate students. 



            Hilton Hotel, St. Anns Bay, St. Ann, Jamaica, West Indies. 
            "Eulalee Reclining", 1976 oil on canvas, for Penthouse Suite, 
            remodeled for visit of Prince Phillip 1977, 40" x 52".
            Petroleum Company of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies.
            "Banana Rose", 1987, oil on canvas, 40" x 52".
            Design Collaboratives, Architects, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. 
"Still-life" with Shell/Egg, pastel on paper, 1981, 22" x 30".
Ameri-Swiss Corporation, Miami, FL.  Two works on paper.
"Banana Rose at Sal Mar I & II", 1987, oil pastel on
Arches paper, 22" x 30".
Coscan Corporation, The Water Ways, North Miami, FL. 
Two paintings "Balustrade/Water", and "Columns/Water",
oil on canvas, both 36" x 48".
             L. Broderick, Attys., Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. 
             "Ciboney/View to Sea/Plant", 1986, oil on canvas, 36" x 48".


             Wyndham Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. 
Upper Lobby,  "Ciboney/Pool", oil on canvas, 1984, 60" x 84".  
Lower Lobby, "Ciboney/Pool/Leaf", oil on canvas, 1984, 35" x 50".
Represented by various private collections in Jamaica, West Indies,
Europe, and the United States.